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Thursday, February 18 2021

Extending Comfort

Let’s face it, there are times in life where we will experience sorrow and disappointment. But it is a refreshing thought to know in those moments there will be someone to offer words of encouragement, acts of kindness, and levels of comfort. Maybe it will be by way of a card, a telephone call, or even a visit. No matter the art of delivery, it leaves a priceless impression in your heart and mind that someone cares…God cares.

It’s a part of God’s plan to comfort us in tough times. The comfort of our Father relieves troubles from the heart.  Because the Father seeks to redeem you from shame and embarrassment, His comfort looks beyond any affliction and pain. It’s a comfort that can restore any imbalanced soul. It’s a comfort that calms all fears. God’s comfort is like no other.  

The Apostle Paul attributes his ability to comfort others as being due to the comfort that He received from God.  His ability to restore the countenance of others is due to his own experience of being restored. There is no greater joy one can have than being able to extend the gift of comfort. When others are going through tough times, offer them that which you yourself have received of God…comfort.

~ Amichia

Psalms 25      II Cor. 1:3-5     

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Wednesday, February 10 2021

Time Well Spent!

I need you to consider how much of your time has been spent on involving yourself with watching other people work and make boss moves; scrolling through social media to be in the know of celebrity news; instigating drama and gossip; going broke just to reflect a flashy lifestyle; Working extra jobs and overtime just to keep that car or up your shoe game; overspending to impress others; starting new projects just to later abandon them; attending just about every sip ‘n see OR launch party? Running errands for other people, to include extended relatives? Should I keep going?

How many hours did it equate to? Did any of it get you one step closer to achieving a goal? What did you gain from any of it? Did you ever feel that after all of the running “here and there” and just being “busy”, you were still left depleted, empty, and unfulfilled? When it came down to the vision that you had written for yourself- Did you ever say, “I’ll do it later!”  Well my friend, just in case you didn’t know…. LATER IS NOW!

Trust me, I have been there and the lesson that I learned was that those type of activities only gave me a temporary feel good, leaving me distracted, unfocused on the will of God and right back at my starting point!

Now that we are in a NEW decade, challenge yourself with this: Commit to living the rest of your time on earth being focused on the BIG PICTURE (God’s will) by CONSISTENTLY showing up daily to see it through!

Life is but a vapor and it goes by quickly. Therefore, you are going to have to pull back from the pettiness of drama, holding grudges, being argumentative, and staying bitter and mad at people. God’s will for you is to make others around you and the world that you live in better. He has placed all of His attributes within you, to include compassion, love, ingenuity, and creativity. Dedicate time to discover the solutions and gifts you carry. When you share a portion of yourself, you share a portion of Him! You will find that your ability to enhance this world…your workplace…your community leaves you fulfilled and happy, knowing that you are not taking life for granted!

~ Amichia


James 4:14       I Pet. 4:2-4, 7       Phil. 3:7-9            

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Thursday, January 28 2021



Since the onset of 2021, we have declared that we are going to start this year out strong! In Joshua 13, the Lord visited Joshua, informing him of very much land that had yet to be possessed. After hearing the news, Caleb made such a profound statement--at the age of 85, he was just as strong as he was forty years prior! With such a demand in his voice, he assured Joshua that he was well capable of taking his mountain! What a proclamation! How could Caleb make such a strong statement, you might ask? 


Well, I believe it all has to do with maintenance! Spiritual maintenance, that is. To maintain something means to keep in existence or to keep steady. All the while of Caleb’s keeping the Word of God in his mind and spirit, the Lord caused him to remain steady in his physical and mental ability. Not for one moment did Caleb allow what was in his heart to possess, vanish from his mind! I'm reminded of the proverb that clearly tells us that as we think in heart, so are we! You will always move in the direction of your most dominant thought. In order for you to start this year and finish your endeavors strong, you must maintain with the word of God. It is promised that He who has begun a good work in you will perform it! I want to encourage you to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might and watch what unfolds by your hands this year!

~ Amichia


Josh. 13:1               Josh. 14:7-13            Prov.23:7                Phil. 1:6           Ps. 119:15-16                      

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Thursday, November 05 2020

With whom does your acceptance lie?

After many years of walking around in self-inflicted limitation and self-comparison, I downed myself because of what I didn’t have. I’m talking about having letters behind your name, money, or a laundry list of contacts in a “little black book”, elite social status or having that one good “road dog” that you always enjoy kicking it with…you know? Because at some point in life, don’t we all want to feel important?

You see, sometimes it takes being in the same position that Mary (Jesus’ mother) was in. She lacked experience, skill and know-how, social status and so forth. Yet in still, she was already chosen and esteemed highly favored by God to do something that she had never imagined.

What you think it may take to qualify or get somewhere is not always the case. Especially as far as the Lord is concerned. Religion makes you look at other people and fool you into believing that material gain gives you the sense of “arrival” and temporary happiness.  Refrain from self-comparison and start focusing on you! If you allow yourself to be removed from carnality and get even more connected with the Lord, you will be able to use what you don’t think that you have to get ahead. He will show you the peace that’s waiting on you in the place contentment. Don’t misunderstand me, material possessions are nice to have, but it must be kept in perspective. Those things don’t make you, my friend….Having Christ does! Besides, you are already accepted in the Beloved


~ Amichia

                       Luke 1:28, 34-35, 45                 Eph. 1:1-7 (NIV)     

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Friday, October 23 2020

Clear Your Cluttered Mind

I came across scientific research about how our minds operate that literally shocked me. This is what the researchers have concluded: On any given day, a person will have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. At the moment I read that, it instantly made me reconsider what I allow to influence the way I think.

Did you read that? Let’s read it again… 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Do you know how startling that is? What is even more important to consider is the type of thoughts that they are. Just think about it. If your mind is filled with thoughts of negativity, the errands you have to run, or lies and assumptions, then how much of that can influence your behavior and responses to life?

Satan’s whole purpose is to keep you in a frame of mind where you are distracted and off focus, you worry, you’re afraid, be a pessimist, and even lose your mind!  However my friend, you have the ability to change this and even prevent those things from happening when you take the steps of decluttering your mind.

Without giving too much to the thought (get it?), start removing the ones that have no positive value and send you into a downward spiral. Of the thoughts that you think, which ones tend to give you joy and make you feel good on the inside? Those are the ones that you want to keep. When your mind is clear, it allows for you to think on things that are much more important and retain focus. Take authority over your mind, cast down every negative thought and set your mind on being victorious and free of anxiety!

                           Is. 26:3                  Col. 3:1,2            I Pet. 1:13         Prov. 23:7 

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Tuesday, August 18 2020

Make Him Greater

Do you remember using a microscope in science class? I remember having science projects where the Teacher would have us collecting tiny insects and looking at them under a microscope. To see the smallest particle, we would have to increase the power at least 10 times. It was amazing that what could not visibly be seen by the naked eye, would sometimes require magnification 1000 times. The interesting little fact about a microscope is that with every increase of magnification, whatever form of debris and other objects that occupied that microscope slide would suddenly disappear. All for the purpose of what was really intended to be found became visible and observed.

The Psalmist sings, “Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together! Great things happen when corporate worship takes place, but can I tell you that even greater things transpire when we magnify Him?

 How I am so sure? It is because when you STAND on the scripture, your corporate engagement of making Him larger and bigger than any and every obstacle or situation at hand, forces every being that exist to bow to His presence and disappear. We find him as we increase our magnification, there is nothing else (contrary to Him) that can occupy the same space or better yet, seems relevant! Make time today to make him greater than anything that you are facing. By doing so, increases his presence in you and reassures your ability of being confident that everything is going to work out for your good!

~ Amichia

Ps. 34:3                             Ps. 24:8-9                            Matt.18:20                    Ps. 48:1

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Tuesday, August 11 2020

I Must Confess

 You know that old proverbial saying, “Confession is good for the soul”? Well, there is A LOT of truth in that. Especially when it comes to the times when you are waiting for something good to happen for you.   We are told in the Word of God that, “if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Have you ever been in a position where you had been expecting breakthrough or perhaps just looking for your prayers to be answered? Satan like to visit in those times, with the hopes of injecting some suggestions of discouragement and you not being deserving of anything good. He often relies heavily on you becoming downtrodden from your past mistakes.

The key to overcoming such antics is taking the time to be transparent, have those private conversations and confessional moments with the Father. Why? It is because transparency is what makes you capable of producing results, while confession is what makes you free. Once confession has been made, God no longer holds you liable, but instead forgives and cleanses you from the errors and labeling of your past. You have been made right—deserving—and are now in a favorable position to receive all the good that is due you! You just have to know it and embrace it each day. Remove yourself from having a sin-filled, guilty conscience and make it a habit to conversate with the Lord…after all, those blessings with your name on it, He thinks you deserve it!

~ Amichia

1 John 1:9              Matt. 6:12                      Rom. 6:18                     II Cor. 5: 17-21

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Tuesday, July 28 2020

Guided Paths

Have you ever taken a road trip that required using a map? I remember traveling along a major interstate in Florida, perhaps 15 years ago. The highway was congested and at some points traffic was detoured due to ongoing road construction. No matter where I was trying to go, that interstate was one of the main thoroughfares, so avoiding the utility of it at any point in my trip was nearly impossible. What made the tedious road trip bearable was my handy dandy road map. This map would show me other routes, requiring me to travel through small towns. As I studied the map and plotted out my newly formed route, I thought to myself that this was surely the best kept secret to getting to back home.

Psalms 119:105 says, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” The Word of God is just like that handy dandy road map that I used many years ago. The more you read it, the more other routes will be shown to you.  It not only reveals direction, but it also exposes traps and roadblocks that want to delay or terminate your arrival.

My road map proved its purpose in not only getting me home, but also revealed to me that the route highlighted had been heavily used by travelers looking to avoid detour and arrive to their next destination as well. My friend, you are in good company and on a guided path when you use God’s word for direction in all aspects of your life. Safe Travels!

~ Amichia

PS. 119:105              Is. 30:21         Ps. 37:23      

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Wednesday, July 15 2020

Small Package, Big Blessing

Sometimes our biggest moments of blessing and happiness are found in the places that we’d least expect them to be.  Too often, we find that either we have become somewhat complacent OR forget how valuable they are. The Prophet Elisha found this to be true when he was battling bouts of depression and self-defeat while fleeing Jezebel. Sitting in a cave of dissatisfaction and fear, the Father spoke to Elisha telling him to stand at the top of the mountain. After the passing of a strong wind, an earthquake, and fire, God was not found in any of those places. Elijah’s God encounter was found in a gentle whisper—an unexpected place. It was there where his breakthrough was discovered, and Elijah was able to get up and continue on. At the moment when it feels that it’s just not worth the push anymore, is when you should look for the gentle whisper.  At the moment when what you are dealing with seems to be just too much, is when you should look beyond the activities. What you may be battling right now is soon to become a battle no more.  Stand up in the power of the Almighty and position your mind and spirit for joy to be restored; struggle to cease; and strength to be renewed. You’ve been looking for God, this time, to show up BIG in the wrong places. My friend, your biggest moment of breakthrough is coming in the place that you’d least expect.

~ Amichia

I Kings 19: 1-18               Hebrews 10:35-37

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Tuesday, July 07 2020

Choose Life

Each day we find ourselves being presented with situations that require decisions to be made. A fear-based view of them and its sometimes over-powering, negative influence will often attempt to guide our actions towards the wrong direction. But with a little bit of wisdom and a lot of help from the Father above, the outcome of any situation will always work itself out for the best. How do we know this? The Father always put before us the outcomes of the good and the bad and leaves it to us to decide. All the tempting options of our flesh that we tend to lay out from these pending situations may appear to work and seem right to take. We must rely heavily on the truth that God the Father has a better way. As we choose Him, we are choosing everything that is right. Everything that is right means having a better quality of life. A better quality of life equates to you being blessed.  Not only will you have the blessing upon you, but those that are coming after you will be blessed as well. It’s when we lean to our own understanding and the choices and lies of evil, that we reap devastation and fatal outcomes. So, which side of the coin are you going to take?

~ Amichia

                       Deut. 30:19                   Ps. 118:8, 17               Prov. 3: 5-6,13                                 

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