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Frequently Asked Questions


  •  Question: If I continue from one degree to another, do I pay the full price of the next degree? (Example: If I pay the full tuition and complete the Bachelor's Degree and want to continue to a Master's degree, do I pay the difference between degrees or do I pay the full tuition for the Master's?)

Answer: The prices recorded are per degree. Although you have paid the full tuition and complete a Bachelor's degree, you would still have to pay the full amount for the Master's degree.

  •  Question: Please, explain the payment plan.

Answer: You may pay the full amount in the initial payment, or you may pay $100 or more per month. Even if you choose the monthly payment plan, you may pay in full at any time. The payment plan is interest free and you are pre-approved.

  •  Question: If I choose the monthly payment plan, will I have to submit a credit statement or apply for credit?

Answer: No, we do not require any credit checks or credit reports.

  •  Question: What day of the month should I make the payment?

Answer: Payments should be in the A.I.M.S. Bible Institute Cashier’s office by the first day of each month. There is a built-in grace period of five (5) days. This makes it easier for those who receive their monetary checks monthly.

  •  Question: Is A.I.M.S. Bible Institute accredited?

 Answer: A.I.M.S. Bible Institute is a member of the World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (WWAC). Anyone wishing to contact them for verification may write to: The WWAC, Dr. Paul Richardson, Executive President, 2800 Blendwell Rd., Richmond, VA 23224.” The A.I.M.S. Bible Institute is recognized under NC General Statutes as institution of education awarding degrees of Religious Studies.

  •  Question: I have 53 hours of credit I received from ------ College. Can those hours be submitted for credit at A.I.M.S.?

Answer: We at A.I.M.S. are relatively liberal on accepting credits from other colleges. Courses however, must be specific to Religion and be comparable to related courses at A.I.M.S. Bible Institute. We ask that you send copies of all transcripts, certificates of completion and diplomas with your application package. We will review them and give all possible consideration.

  •  Question: I do not have a degree, but could I enter the master's program anyway?

Answer: No degree program is able to be skipped. This is necessary to protect the excellence and prestige of the A.I.M.S. Bible Institute & School of Ministry name. You may, however, pre-enroll in a higher degree at the time you enroll at the required degree level.

  •  Question: Are the courses at A.I.M.S. pretty easy?

Answer: "Easy" is a relative term. If you study hard and give proper time to the course work, I suppose you may call it easy, but in the normal tone of the word easy, no they are not. You will have to challenge yourself and work diligently to achieve a coveted degree from A.I.M.S. Bible Institute. You can be assured though, when you hang the degree on your wall, you will be proud and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you earned it by hard work and dedication.

  • Question: I do not have a degree. Would I have to complete the Associate degree before enrolling in the Bachelor degree program?

Answer: Yes.

  • Question: What are the differences in the online school and Fayetteville Campus School?

    1. All of the instructors, teaching materials, books, tests and assignments for both schools are the same.  The biggest difference is that online students will view their class through internet streaming instead of personally being present for the class.  In addition, online students have the ability to view their classes "live" on school nights or they can access the class archive and view their classes at a time that is more conducive to their schedule. Online students will have 7 days to view the class archive.

    2. The tuition payment structure for the "Online School" and "Fayetteville Campus School" are not the same.  Please view the school information pages for tuition payment information for each school.

  • Question: Who can attend the online school?

The online school was created to accommodate students that are not able to attend the Fayetteville, NC campus school because of distance.  It is currently available to any persons outside of a 50 mile radius of the school.  Students living within the 50 mile radius are required to attend the Fayetteville, NC Campus School.  If you have questions about your location please e-mail administration at or call the school at 910-424-2082.