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 Jones Ministries International is a Faith-Based outreach ministry of Drs. Antonio and Amichia Jones. It  takes its stance upon the Word of God, believing that the Word is the final authority. Starting out as C.A.R.E. (Community Awareness Reaching Everyone) Outreach ministry in 2003 and soon progressing into what they are today, Drs. Antonio and Amichia continues to focus on the holistic church and individual, dealing with spiritual and natural, emotional, mental and health needs of the Body of Christ. Jones Ministries is Apostolic by nature, holiness by choice, and independent (non-denominational), serving people from all socio-economic statuses, ethnicities, nationalities, and races.

 We firmly believe that it is going to take teaching the principles of the Kingdom of God with full demonstration of God's power, coupled with true Apostolic boldness that will cause a response in earth to transform humanity, shape communities and convert nations.