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What is Partnership?

Partnership is connecting in covenant and sharing in the vision. When you become a vision partner, you share in the activities and responsibilities of JMI. Through our covenant relationship, you will partake from the same anointing that resides upon Drs. Antonio and Amichia Jones.

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Pray for you daily that God's blessings be upon you.
  • Study and diligently seek God on your behalf.
  • Minister to you through a personal letter from Drs. Antonio and Amichia Jones.
  • Offer special gifts at different times to increase your faith in the Word of God.

In this partnership, we expect YOU to:

  • Pray always for Drs. Antonio and Amichia Jones, their family, and the ministry.
  • Support us financially with your monthly pledge "Not because I desire gifts, but I desire fruit that may abound to your account (Philippians 4:17)."
  • Always uplift the ministry with faith-filled,positive words
  • Support JMI meetings in your area

     You may set up secure automatic drafts (see seed sowing page) or by mailing in your monthly pledge. ALL contributions are tax-deductible as permitted by law and will be confirmed with an email confirming the date & amount of your gift. 

  Thank you for your partnership and support with Jones Ministries International.