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Thursday, February 25 2021

Just Create It

Have you ever been in search of a new job, car or even a new home? Did you noticed any difficulties finding exactly what you were looking for? Sometimes, when God gives the greenlight for receiving your next blessing, locating it may not altogether be easy. This is what I’d like to call an opportunity for you to delve into creative faith.

God has given us all resources and tools that allows us to create something brand new, make corrections and/or improvements in areas where there is emptiness and even little or no supply. When God saw that there was an absence of light present in the earth, He used his creative abilities. Instead of becoming discouraged about the ordeal at hand, He spoke up. His spirit immediately went to work at creating something that did not exist, merely out of nothing that did exist.

Whenever you find that what you need is either running low in stock or perhaps not even existing at all, create it! The truth of the matter is, that what you may be looking for is already existing, it’s just not existing in this earth realm. Therefore, you are going to have to use the resource of Holy Spirit and your mouth tool. Creative Faith gives you the ability to renew and supply whatever is missing, even when it looks like inventory will run out. You could be just one “Let there be!” away from searching no more and coming into your heart’s desires. Start using your creative power today by calling forth (from the Heavenly realm) what you need and want into the earth! As you do so by faith, Holy Spirit will go to work on your behalf and before you know it, you will possess the very thing(s) that once did not exist.

~ Amichia

Gen. 1:1-3                        Gen. 1:28                      Rom. 4:17                     Is. 45:18


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