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Thursday, September 26 2019

Pardon the Interruption

We have all heard the infamous sayings, “It’s a new season” or “I’m in transition”. While those statements may seem overrated or improperly used by some, I have recently found myself gradually moving into this place. The interesting thing about this is that I didn’t even realize it, with the exception of knowing that whatever this “thing” was had hit me like a ton of bricks. Over the next weeks, I found myself experiencing a variety of mixed emotions and uncertainty, dealing with this transitional state head on. 

When change knocks at our door, it is more times than likely regarded as unwelcoming. You might be one that have been apprehensive about undergoing the process of change and have put it off as long as you possibly could. But, pardon the interruption. Serving the Lord requires that we remain fluid, not rigid; open-minded, not limited thinking; and most importantly, committed and obedient and not stubborn and reluctant. When it comes to change, you are only left with two options—remain unchanged and stuck or become improved and better, reaping the consequences of your decision.

In Isaiah 43:18 -19, we are informed that God desires to do new things in and through his people. This means that we should refrain from getting used to Him moving in the same way every time He does something. Could it be that your willingness to delay change be the culprit behind some of the challenges you’re facing? If so, then you have created an unconscious, normal routine of delay that has actually done more harm than good for you. It’s time for some things to come to an end, as it is for something new to begin. Are you afraid to say yes? Don’t be frightened---by trusting the Lord, you are placing yourself in the safest possible hands. God has a perfect plan, perfect timing, and a perfect sense of your readiness and long for change. So, pardon the interruption…a new season for your life is on the horizon.  

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