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Thursday, December 19 2019

Choosing Happiness

Are you a person who can act on tough questions? Questions like: What am I grateful for? How can I live a more balanced life?

 If you said yes, then you more than likely fall into the category of being a happy person. Happiness is a way of life, an overriding outlook composed of qualities like love, optimism, courage, and a sense of freedom. Even amidst the stumbling blocks and hurdles you tackle in daily living, choosing to be happy is a choice that’s up to you and is waiting on you to let it aide you along life’s journeys.    

Start each day with appreciating what you have and those who may have been instrumental in what you have had or have. As a result, you’ll combat unhappiness. Use your personal power. Your life belongs to you and it is full of meaning and when you realize the power that’s within you, it forces you to take responsibility and action.  Reframe from throwing away or discounting your confidence and ability because it yields great return. When you’re secure in your personal power, it keeps you from becoming a victim.

As you embark upon a new year, make the choice of being protective of your state of happiness. In doing so, you will set yourself up to live a more balanced and happy life with positivity and peace influencing all aspects of your life and even those around you!

~ Amichia

Rom. 15:13            Ps. 34: 8             Ps 144:15     

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Wednesday, December 04 2019

Don’t Ever Lose Your Worship

In 1 Samuel 1, we read of the story of Elkanah, who had two wives, Penninah & Hannah. Penninah had given Elkanah children whereas Hannah was in a position that she could not bare children. In spite of the Hannah’s circumstances, she was the recipient of Elkanah’s love and therefore she received the double portion from her husband. It was not to long that the only thing that Hannah could do in her situation is find God –find strength—find answers through her worship.

Worship will pull out everything that’s fleshly in you. It will tear down ideologies and thoughts that have been lingering around; feelings of insecurity; self-defeat; worthlessness; and insignificance. The minute you lose your worship becomes the moment that you become defeated. So you’ve got to stay in worship until God completes the work in you.

The enemy’s objective was to get Hannah to focus on the fact that she could not bare children. What Hannah didn’t realize was that she was in a better position than what the enemy was showing her. So it is with you--You might feel as if you are in a bad situation, but understand that God loves you! You’ve got to know that you’re loved in spite of what you don’t have. You’ve got to know that even though you may be in a situation where you don’t have the things you desire, it won’t always be that way. That’s why the bible says rejoice in the Lord, again Rejoice…Rejoice in the Lord God of your salvation.. IOWs you’ve got to be happy… Psalms 1 AMP says Blessed (happy) is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly…..His delight is in the Law, he meditates on it (not the barrenness) day and night….He shall be like a tree...that brings forth (no longer barren) fruit in its season (appointed time)…and whatever he does shall prosper…. As long as you remain happy, at the appointed time your situation will change and you will bring forth fruit.

~ Amichia

Scriptures:            1 Samuel 1              1 Samuel 2             Psalms 1

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