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Monday, April 29 2019

It is Well with my Soul!

The Word of God declares that those who are led by the Spirit of God will not satisfy the lustful desires of the flesh. To be emotionally driven, if we are not careful in our thoughts and actions, produces unwanted consequences. How does one arrive at a place of being influenced by their emotions? Well, negative pressure, anxiety, anger, fear, and the likes thereof that arise from situations that we face can impede our ability to think clearly, listen to God and apply the wisdom that he gives. Never allow decisions to driven by your emotions. Can you remember a time when you made a decision solely based on how you felt? How did you handle the consequences that followed? Would you honestly say that the emotions that drove your decisions yielded you the intended results you desired? If you are going to have the fruitful and rewarding results of the Father, then it’s going to require you to take a step outside of your feelings. It’s a good practice to wait until you no longer feel the emotions that you initially felt and then proceed to giving thought about the concern. The Spirit of God wants to assist you in weighing out the pros and cons, so be open to his promptings. He ALWAYS has your best interest at heart and fully desires to see you choose his guidance. When you are led in your thoughts by the Spirit, He searches out all things concerning the matter at stake and gives you the best possible outcome, resulting in you having peace and being well in your soul. 

Dr. Amichia

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