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Wednesday, November 20 2019

Letting Patience Have Its Perfect Work In You

Could it be that some things may not have materialized because you are in a phase of longsuffering? Although it may feel like what you are waiting for to occur is taking an "extremely long time" and it is just completely "unbearable", God has a long-range plan for each you.  As Christians, hope in God and His promises are the anchors of our soul. Therefore, it's  vital we have complete and full confidence that the Lord will do all He promises to do in His Word. That's the basis of our faith.

Longsuffering is a Fruit of the Spirit that teaches us how to endure in the face of adversity and go on when everything says no. Yes, there are a few things in our lives that work out exactly as planned, however other things require some form of patience. Rather than putting yourself in an emotional upheaval, it's best to let God birth out of you a full understanding of long term enjoyment of what's promised rather than temporary fulfillment. In this wise, patience will have done a complete work and you are able to walk this fruit out being perfect, entire and wanting nothing.

~ Amichia

2 Cor. 4:8-9               Heb. 6:12                 Gal. 5:22-23              Jas. 1:4        Is. 41:10

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Thursday, November 07 2019

There’s still one option that remains….

What do you do when you don’t know what else to do? Have you ever been in that place before? Actually, we all have. May I offer you some assistance? Use your help. That’s it!

When you employ Holy Spirit FIRST, He opens up so many avenues that you probably would not have thought of! That’s why he is here in this earth…FOR YOU… Sound advice, wisdom, truths and other practicalities are available to prevent you from spinning your wheels and wasting time and money.

Now granted, if Holy Spirit has been speaking to you already about what to do concerning that situation and you just don’t want to heed….THEN, Let me be the one to tell you to à get out of your feelings, friend. You are allowing PRIDE to get in the way and hold you back. Holy Spirit will not speak anymore until you regard his instructions as being beneficial to you and worth it carrying out! Use your help and don’t be wise in your own eyes. Seek HIM first and make HIM your only option. Besides, all of your other options are depleted! ~ Amichia


Prov. 3:5-6         Eph. 5:17        Matt. 6:33      Prov. 16:3, 18           Jer. 17:5-6      John 14:26

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