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Friday, October 23 2020

Clear Your Cluttered Mind

I came across scientific research about how our minds operate that literally shocked me. This is what the researchers have concluded: On any given day, a person will have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. At the moment I read that, it instantly made me reconsider what I allow to influence the way I think.

Did you read that? Let’s read it again… 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Do you know how startling that is? What is even more important to consider is the type of thoughts that they are. Just think about it. If your mind is filled with thoughts of negativity, the errands you have to run, or lies and assumptions, then how much of that can influence your behavior and responses to life?

Satan’s whole purpose is to keep you in a frame of mind where you are distracted and off focus, you worry, you’re afraid, be a pessimist, and even lose your mind!  However my friend, you have the ability to change this and even prevent those things from happening when you take the steps of decluttering your mind.

Without giving too much to the thought (get it?), start removing the ones that have no positive value and send you into a downward spiral. Of the thoughts that you think, which ones tend to give you joy and make you feel good on the inside? Those are the ones that you want to keep. When your mind is clear, it allows for you to think on things that are much more important and retain focus. Take authority over your mind, cast down every negative thought and set your mind on being victorious and free of anxiety!

                           Is. 26:3                  Col. 3:1,2            I Pet. 1:13         Prov. 23:7 

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