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Thursday, November 05 2020

With whom does your acceptance lie?

After many years of walking around in self-inflicted limitation and self-comparison, I downed myself because of what I didn’t have. I’m talking about having letters behind your name, money, or a laundry list of contacts in a “little black book”, elite social status or having that one good “road dog” that you always enjoy kicking it with…you know? Because at some point in life, don’t we all want to feel important?

You see, sometimes it takes being in the same position that Mary (Jesus’ mother) was in. She lacked experience, skill and know-how, social status and so forth. Yet in still, she was already chosen and esteemed highly favored by God to do something that she had never imagined.

What you think it may take to qualify or get somewhere is not always the case. Especially as far as the Lord is concerned. Religion makes you look at other people and fool you into believing that material gain gives you the sense of “arrival” and temporary happiness.  Refrain from self-comparison and start focusing on you! If you allow yourself to be removed from carnality and get even more connected with the Lord, you will be able to use what you don’t think that you have to get ahead. He will show you the peace that’s waiting on you in the place contentment. Don’t misunderstand me, material possessions are nice to have, but it must be kept in perspective. Those things don’t make you, my friend….Having Christ does! Besides, you are already accepted in the Beloved


~ Amichia

                       Luke 1:28, 34-35, 45                 Eph. 1:1-7 (NIV)     

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