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Dr. Antonio B. Jones,CPM

Dr. Antonio B. Jones,CPM

Dr. Antonio B. Jones, CPM, author and former member of the U.S. Air Force, is a very humble, bold, powerful, and obedient servant, anointed by God to preach and teach God's true unadulterated word, speaking as a true oracle of God in the prophetic realm. After a brief stint in the USAF, Dr. Jones returned home to further his education and begin leadership & management training. His strong Apostolic mantle led him into the "governmental sphere of influence" where he has served as a City Councilman for the Xity of Fayetteville , where he received the "KEY To The City", the highest honor the municipality can give. Dr. Jones continues to be intimately involved in the Community, serving on various Boards, Commissions, and Board of Directors throughout the State and on the local level. He is an International Ambassador for JMI International and the Global Teaching Network,Inc. He is married to Dr. Amichia G. Jones and the father of two anointed children, Joel Marquez and Antonio Bernard (Jairus). He and his wife are both entrepreneurs, walking out their extensive belief  in "marketplace ministry" , birthing many spiritual sons & daughters into priestly & marketplace ministry, understanding that these two ministries were never intended to be separate, but rather extensions of each other. Dr. Jones is the ninth (9th) child of twelve siblings, eleven (11)  living, born to Bishop Alexander Jones Jr. & First-Lady Annie P. Jones, leaders of Revival Center Holiness Church of God. During his tenure at Revival Center, he was ordained as the youngest deacon ever to serve there. He served faithfully and diligently in this position. He was soon ordained a minister and inevitably elder, assisting Bishop Jones in pastoring the people. A humble servant after God's own heart, Dr. Jones has been charged with a Kingdom task of assisting individuals in developing spiritual maturity and receiving total healing and deliverance through his intimate relationship with God. Walking heavily in the apostolic and prophetic anointing, Dr.  Jones continues to travel around the world, going wherever the Spirit of God leads him, effectively ministering God's word to a sin-filled world & providing life-changing revelation of the scriptures to the Body of Christ, to which he has been charged to help perfect (mature). He has an innate love for the continent of Africa, which is part of the international ministry's mandate, where he and his wife provide spiritual partnership for various ministries.

 Dr. Jones often states, "Knowing who you are & operating in that capacity, combined with speaking WORDS OF FAITH, directly affects  what one can do, have, possess, and ultimately, what you actually produce (results). This is what true revelation of the  Word of God does for true believers IF they will only consistently renew their minds to FULLY believe and then persistently act upon that belief. Only then will the supernatural manifest in all of God's glory."

Dr. Jones, who has been on highlighted on various Christian programs, has earned various professional / graduate degrees in Religion, Biology & Public Health as well as extensive coursework in Business Administration. He formerly served as Regional Supervisor with the state of North Carolina's Epidemiology Section, Communicable Disease Branch where he provided oversight to about 1/4 of the state's 100 counties and 3 of 7 statewide regions. Dr. Jones became the youngest individual to oversee three (3) different regions as well as the first black male to do so. He is a PASTOR TO PASTORS, walking in a tremendous teaching anointing. Dr. Jones specializes in leadership training, staff development, and other areas that are beneficial not only to churches & ministries, but to businesses & corporations alike. He is a sought-after phenomenal public and motivation speaker who causes his audiences to challenge their thinking and thought processes in order to live more productive lives & to impact the lives of others. 

Dr. Jones also is Certified Public Manager on the state & national levels, a certified risk reduction counselor, a certified mental health first-aid specialist, a certified HIV/AIDS & communicable disease counselor, certified Life Coach trained as a Public Health First-responder, and a prolific public speaker & moderator, all of which he firmly believes is vanity if not accompanied by an INTIMATE relationship with God and spiritual prioritization, hence fulfilling Matthews 6:33.

He is the founder & current President of the Global Teaching Network (GTN), an entity that focuses heavily on teaching and training of leaders & Christian disciples. Dr. Jones also serves as President of the A.I.M.S. Bible Institute (Activation-Impartation-Manifestation-Servitude) and School of Leadership, an accredited school that offers Associates through Doctorate degrees in Religious Studies in various disciplines within the field of religion. JMI International, Inc. which provides spiritual covering, mentorship, training, etc. for various ministries & individuals, is also under the apostolic direction of Dr. Jones, who serves as the President. He is also the Founder of JMI LIVE: Sounds of Faith, an international radio station. JMI LIVE: Sounds of Faith radio primarily focuses on broadcasting empowering messages, coupled with an infusion of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic Christian music.

In addition, Dr. Jones ensures that the JMI Ministry Alliance (JMA), which consists of about 50 ministries, receives spiritual guidance that is scripturally-based & given directly by God to be imparted in the various ministries & churches that comprise the Alliance. Dr. Jones truly walks by faith, calling those things that be not as though they were as one of God's true Prophets truly applying the Kingdom principles he loves to teach & preach about.  Jones Ministries International continues to provide spiritual covering to ministries statewide and abroad in fulfilling it's God-given mission. One of Apostle Jones's greatest joys is ministering with his wife in various settings such as conferences, revivals, training sessions for leaders and couples in ministry, etc. He believes the Body of Christ, and the world, needs to see strong, vibrant, anointed couples standing & operating in the grace that God has placed upon them without the jealousy, strife, and chaos that is all too familiar throughout the Body of Christ. This is what God desires of His married, Christian leaders and is exemplified in the union of our Leaders, to the glory of God.

The continent of Africa has a special place in the heart and kingdom vision of Dr. Jones. He has had the opportunity to travel to the African country of Lesotho, where he was blessed to have met and prayed with the King of Lesotho, His Majesty, King Letsie II. He has also met with various government leaders throughout various continents of the world during missionary efforts and leadership trainings to further advance the Kingdom of God.

 The partnering churches & ministries under the JMI International spiritual covering are truly blessed to have such blessed leadership and look forward to what GOD is doing through our own Apostle, Dr. Antonio B. Jones, for the upbuilding & advancement of God's Kingdom!