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Faith-Based, Evidence Driven
You may be asking yourself, "Why should I attend Temple of Faith? Why should I even attend church at all? " Truthfully speaking, we all have been at this place at some point in our lives where coming to church seemed so mundane and ritualistic. Furthermore, everyone deals with situations in their lives daily regardless of who they are. Yes! You have just read correctly, EVERYONE deals with issues, regardless of who you are, what title is before your name, etc. etc.  Well, God, has answered your question in a very simple manner. "Through my spirit ( God's), I will change the way people THINK about church!"  And this is exactly what "The Temple " is all about-- ministering God's Word through unconventional & non-traditional ways. We are a non-traditional, growing, multi-ethnic ministry that embraces diversity while maintaining Biblical principles & standards. Temple of Faith is LOVE,PEACE, a SAFE PLACE to heal, grow, & develop in your Christian walk. Most importantly, Temple of Faith is truly God's manifested Glory and presence.. 
     At the onset of every service, we demonstrate our allegiance to Jesus Christ through exaltation. This is where everyone joins in and still their thoughts, with the purpose of coming into agreement of worship. Lifted hands and raised voices signify a trumpet sound to the heavenlies that we are calling. This definitely charges the atmosphere and transitions everyone into praise and worship.
     Our praise and worship is exhilarating! Our team of musicians and praise leaders desire to take you into God’s presence! You’ll see hands clapping, perhaps even banners parading the sanctuary, and hear the sound of tambourines declaring victory! Before too long, you’ll be engaged, energized, and moving in accordance with the Holy Spirit!
     This is an awesome prelude to a life-changing message coming from Dr. Antonio and/or Dr. Amichia Jones. We guarantee that you will have a heart to heart conversation with the Lord, which will challenge your faith; ignite your spirit; and empower you to pursue your destiny!
Worship at Temple of Faith Church, after all-we are collective body of Faith-based believers, driven by tangible evidence! So come give GOD a chance, we guarantee HE will change your life FOREVER........
1314 Camden Road
Fayetteville,NC 28306