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Wednesday, February 10 2021

Time Well Spent!

I need you to consider how much of your time has been spent on involving yourself with watching other people work and make boss moves; scrolling through social media to be in the know of celebrity news; instigating drama and gossip; going broke just to reflect a flashy lifestyle; Working extra jobs and overtime just to keep that car or up your shoe game; overspending to impress others; starting new projects just to later abandon them; attending just about every sip ‘n see OR launch party? Running errands for other people, to include extended relatives? Should I keep going?

How many hours did it equate to? Did any of it get you one step closer to achieving a goal? What did you gain from any of it? Did you ever feel that after all of the running “here and there” and just being “busy”, you were still left depleted, empty, and unfulfilled? When it came down to the vision that you had written for yourself- Did you ever say, “I’ll do it later!”  Well my friend, just in case you didn’t know…. LATER IS NOW!

Trust me, I have been there and the lesson that I learned was that those type of activities only gave me a temporary feel good, leaving me distracted, unfocused on the will of God and right back at my starting point!

Now that we are in a NEW decade, challenge yourself with this: Commit to living the rest of your time on earth being focused on the BIG PICTURE (God’s will) by CONSISTENTLY showing up daily to see it through!

Life is but a vapor and it goes by quickly. Therefore, you are going to have to pull back from the pettiness of drama, holding grudges, being argumentative, and staying bitter and mad at people. God’s will for you is to make others around you and the world that you live in better. He has placed all of His attributes within you, to include compassion, love, ingenuity, and creativity. Dedicate time to discover the solutions and gifts you carry. When you share a portion of yourself, you share a portion of Him! You will find that your ability to enhance this world…your workplace…your community leaves you fulfilled and happy, knowing that you are not taking life for granted!

~ Amichia


James 4:14       I Pet. 4:2-4, 7       Phil. 3:7-9            

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