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Tuesday, March 31 2020

Hey you….

Whatcha thinkin’ bout? 

Have you found yourself in a place of what I’d like to call, “information overload”?  Well, I would like to suggest that it is time to clear your mind for a moment! Hey, you owe it to yourself. I mean, after all… you’ve been watching the news, listening to the radio, reading the paper, looking online, watching the news again, listening to the radio, reading the paper oh yeah and looking online!!

How do you determine when enough is enough of all you've heard and seen? At what point do you just cut the TV off, skip the news, or just take a break from the world wide web? Too much of a thing can be toxic to your spirit and sanity! Your soundness of mind is at stake! When you meditate on the wrong things, (i.e. what you hear, see and read) you become stressed, afraid, discouraged, and even disheartened.

Psalms 1 informs us that if you delight in the law (or Word), you are blessed. Joshua 1 reveals that you are successful when you meditate the Word. Isaiah guarantees a place of peace when you keep your mind stayed on God. Should I continue? The Father does not want you bombarded in your mind…HE NEEDS YOU FREE!!  My point is this--- Reset your mind to peace and quietness by getting some alone time with God. His peace will create a garrison around your mind, preventing anything that is contrary to life and godliness from getting in. When you are free in your mind and spirit, you can confidently and happily go about your daily routine because you are focused, refreshed and untarnished in your mind and attitude!

Sooo… again I ask you…whatcha thinkin’ bout?

~ Amichia

Phil. 4: 7-8                Eph. 4:23          Ps. 1            Josh. 1:8      Col. 3:1,2                Is. 26:3

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