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Tuesday, July 30 2019

Pull It Together!

Emotions have utility. They drive us to accomplish our goals, to assert our needs, to confront our fears, to understand who we are, and to understand other people.  We will all face moments of intense anger or sadness, or fear, and they can feel unbearable and uncontrollable, whether we are at work, home, or out in public. That’s when being aware of your expressed emotions and knowing how to regulate them is important.

Think back to a time when your day was going extremely well, when suddenly you heard some disturbing news or encountered a situation that didn’t set so well with you. Can you remember how you felt at that moment? Did your temperament change almost instantly? Although we don’t like to receive disturbing news or encounter any bad situations, we do have to understand that it’s important to take notice of our heightened emotional state.

Solomon compares a person one who does not have rule over his spirit (or emotional state) to a city without walls. That person presents themselves as one who is always on an emotional rollercoaster, carrying on in any manner without regard to establishing control or restraint.

Before you allow the next piece of news to emotionally disturb you and change your temperament, establish a boundary as to how far you are willing to allow it to carry you before you become volatile. Guard you heart with all diligence and replace the emotion with something positive. Pull it together and set your affections (or your mind) on things above, worshipping the Father and giving thanks. Before you know it, His peace will have come upon, leaving you in a better emotional state than where you started.

~ Amichia

Scriptures to meditate:

Phil. 2:5                Col. 3:2                                   Prov. 4:23                               Prov. 25:28

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