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Monday, January 28 2019

You were never designed to go somewhere that you could not see.

As a child of God, revelation is your greatest asset! Once you’ve seen something, it removes doubt and it is then that you discover that what seemed impossible for you to go, have, and do, now becomes possible.

God told Abraham in Gen. 13 to lift up his eyes and look all around him. For all that he saw, God was going to give it to him and his seed as an inheritance. Fully grasping God’s promise within himself, Abraham found himself moving out on God’s word. Revelation creates REVOLUTION and now it is time for you to go after what you see! A revolution is described as a radical change to something, happening suddenly. You see, God designed you as one who not only sees in the realm of the spirit, but one who has the capabilities to make it a reality.

What do you see? Blessed are your eyes because they see! There are no limits as to the places that you can go and ventures you can be a part of.  You can no longer put off going after the promises of God. What is for you has already been done and HE expects you to receive in your spirit and take possession of it! Lay hold to the promises of God and speak it outwardly daily. By doing so, a force of faith will be released from you to radically change every no or impossibility around!

Dr. Amichia

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