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Saturday, December 08 2018

Push Through To Victory!

There are times in our life that we will be met with uncomfortable situations. These situations will oftentimes show up unannounced, purposing to leave us in a traumatic state where we are no longer thriving or just barely coping. If one undergoing the challenge does not have a support system to help them endure and overcome, chances are they will end up fighting an uphill battle alone.

I wish that it were possible that we did not have to experience the stings of pain, weariness, and stress that journey alongside uncomfortable times. I often wish that we can learn the take-a-ways and the lessons each experience brings us quickly without ever having to deal with the anxieties of the ordeal. It would be easier to think that with just a blink of an eye, the difficulty would be over and everything would be back to normal. But, it doesn’t work that way.

Psalms 23 implores us that when we find ourselves walking through dark valleys, we are not to fear. In fact, we are to know that we are never walking through them alone. For we have an accompaniment of ministering angels and warfare angels that are contending for us daily. Most importantly, we have presence of the Almighty guiding and protecting us each and every minute.   

So, what is our responsibility while trying to hold up under the hard time? We are to push through to victory! Yep, that’s it! If we’re going to come out on top, we’ve got to keep our eyes on God. We must remain confident, be patient and trust that in hard and unbearable times, deliverance is coming. I would like to offer you a word of encouragement in the truth that no matter the difficulty, pressure, or the seemingly, never-ending countless nights of crying, joy is on the way.  We must endure or bear up BRAVELY under this uncomfortable place. This is the place where we come to experience God’s strength, in our moments of weakness. It’s also in this place where we are vulnerable to God—expressing all of the not so feel good emotions that we are experiencing.  The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the one who runs to the strong tower will be safe. The one who is dwelling in the secret place of the Almighty has refuge.

 Push through by laying your hands on your head and declaring that you have the mind of Christ, when depressive thoughts come! Push through and declare that the Lord is a very present help in the time of trouble, when you feel surrounded by negativity.  YOU WILL NOT FAINT! Tell yourself every minute, every hour, and every moment of each day that you will not die, but LIVE and declare the works of the Lord! The moment you stop fighting, becomes the day that you quit. And this is exactly what the enemy is counting on. But once again, PUSH THROUGH! Not only do you have a host of heaven cheering you on towards victory, but you have the greater one living on the inside of you. Don’t give up. See yourself winning. See yourself coming out victoriously. 

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