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Saturday, December 01 2018

With God All Things Are Possible So….Take The Limits OFF!

What makes the unthinkable or the impossible doable? Or maybe I should pose the question to you this way—what has God placed in your heart to do that’s bigger than you? Are you sitting on a BIG IDEA and have become overwhelmed with thoughts of second guessing and doubt? I have been there and as a matter of fact, we all have been there. Therefore, I want to tell you that God can make the very thing that seems unthinkable, possible. Yes, he really can! You just have to purpose within yourself to know this and become fully confident that HE is capable!

The Lord really does desire to bless you and see you live a prosperous and fulfilling life. In fact, I’m reminded of 3 John 1:2, where it says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”  When you consider the word prosper, it means to excel or go to the highest placed desired! Now that’s worth a shout right there! Yes, I am telling you that wherever you are in your career or phase of life, there is a set place, or rather, a HIGH place waiting for you! Thank you Jesus!

Now the way to get there requires you to stay in faith, take the limits off and most importantly….refrain from getting over into self-effort.  We see the introduction of self-effort over in Gen. 3:17-23, following Adam’s fall and the ground becoming cursed. Self- effort causes you to toil (work hard) to earn something by your own labor. Toiling brings about fatigue, mentally and physically, and it can lead a person into frustration, spinning their wheels, and producing temporary fruit. Do you remember when Peter told Jesus that he and the other shipmates had been toiling for fish all night? My friend, when God gives you something that is FAR BIGGER or unthinkable to do, he never meant for you to do this in your own strength. He never intended for you to toil or struggle trying to make some things happen for yourself.

What He does want you to do is rely completely on the BLESSING! The blessing comes from the Lord and not out of your own effort. You’ve got the Father dwelling on the inside of you and therefore, He is going to be the one working through you. So leave that place of doubt and feeling that it’s far fetched for you to purchase that new home, excel in your career or land that contract. Don’t entertain for another moment, thoughts of “This is just way too impossible” or “I can’t even imagine myself doing this!”  The Father is able to do the unthinkable and the unimaginable and is waiting on you to become FULLY PERSUADED about this! Don’t draw back in your faith and reduce him to this earthly, limited system. He’s a limitless God, so let him BE GOD! I look forward to hearing about the great things you’re going to achieve in the days to come!

~ Dr. Amichia

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